Deer Michigan (2016)

Gathering View (2018)

More Birds (2023)


will you let it send you out (2018)

Selected Recent Writing (2021 – 2022):

while stuck in traffic (out of print)

preparation for later days


We I Us

How it started, How it’s Going

Invocation, Reprised

Sawtooth Mts (Print)

Learning Baseball

Great Sand Dunes National Park (out of print)

Morning Rush

All-Star Game

notions of wealth

the long shadows of summer

taking on the color of procession

a no words poem (Print)

the everyday miracle

not time

pond by the library

neighbors moving away

contingent on cooperation

Like It Never Happened (Print)

If I were there and you were here

What can I do to help

Excerpts on Games 11-19

Temporary self-directed activities

tell it over again and again

April: The first week of the fourth month

pie in the sky

sleeping at a Kansas rest stop


Break a leg

where dreaming is free (Spring 2023 Louisiana Literature)